Tales of the Titans #1

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Tales of the Titans is an all-new series of spotlight issues in the spirit of the beloved 1980s classic Tales of the New Teen Titans.

To celebrate this new series, DC Comics & Alex Ross Art have teamed up to create this SDCC Exclusive Comic. Cover A features a George Perez homage. Cover B is a never-before-seen sketch of Starfire, presented here as a Virgin Variant. Cover C is an image of Starfire.

Signed Comics and CGC 9.8 include a certificate of Authenticity:

  • Cover A: Unsigned, Signed & CGC 9.8 ($30/$75/$200)
  • A & B Set of 2: Unsigned, Signed & CGC 9.8 ($75/$150/$400)
  • Cover C: Unsigned, Signed & CGC 9.8 ($50/$100/$300)

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