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Origins: Superman Matted Lithograph

“Origins: Superman” is a dynamic illustration by Alex Ross from the graphic novel Superman: Peace on Earth. In the image, Ross takes the viewer on a visual journey through the origins of Superman, Kal-El, the Last Son of Krypton. The destruction of Planet Krypton imminent, Jor-El places his son in a small rocket and launches him to safety. Landing on Earth, the rocket is discovered by Johnathan and Martha Kent, who raise the small child as their own and name him Clark. As the child grows into adulthood, the Kents discover that he possesses special gifts and powers. Through their love and guidance, Clark learns to use his powers responsibly and in aid of others. In order to protect those he loves, Clark keeps his powers a secret, adopting an alias, Superman, who in times of peril comes to the rescue of all in need.

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