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Marvelocity: Fantastic Four
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This dynamic wraparound cover was created for MARVELOCITY, the Marvel Comics retrospective art book by Alex Ross and Chip Kidd.

Ross pays homage to the classic 1961 cover, Fantastic Four #100 by Jack Kirby.  This image features the Human Torch, Mr. Fantastic, the Invisible Girl, the Thing, Crystal, the Hulk, Diablo, Doctor Doom, Dragon Man, Hate-Monger, Igor, Kang, Mad Thinker, Mikhlo, Peotor, the Puppet Master, Red Ghost, Sandman, Sentry, Sub-Mariner, Super Skrull, Trapster, and Wizard.

  • Signed by Alex Ross
  • Giclée on Elegance Velvet Canvas
  • Individually Numbered with a Certificate of Authenticity
  • Size: 20" x 33"
  • Edition Size: 44

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