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Black Panther: Character Model Matted Lithograph
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“Black Panther: Character Model” is a fine art matted lithograph exclusively available through Alex Ross Art.

"With Black Panther, you want to get more into his world, his experience, and who he represents. In the comics I was growing up with in the '70s, he was used to represent the black experience in America. My first Black Panther comic I got was him fighting against a version of the KKK. That's a comic I got as a seven-year-old. And I thought Black Panther was really cool....

"Connecting with these characters can introduce you to a larger part of the world, make you relate more, and, frankly, be more empathetic." — Alex Ross

This stunning illustration by Alex Ross was originally created for Marvels, the classic comic book series from 1994.

This character model served as a reference guide for how to draw the character in various positions. In this piece, Ross highlights an unmasked Panther, a crouching pose, and a tight headshot.

• Material: Giclee on Elegance Velvet Canvas

• Edition Size: 100

• Individually Numbered with a Certificate of Authenticity


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