Batman #900 Alex Ross Variant

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For this milestone anniversary, Alex Ross created an all-new Batman painting:"Bat Signal," his stunning interpretation of Batman in the style of Neal Adams. It is presented here in an exclusive variant cover with vintage-style trade dressing.

The exclusive B cover is a Virgin Variant— this piece is a tribute to Dick Sprang, a pivotal artist in the Golden Age of Batman and Robin. Cover C is an image of the Joker.

To celebrate Ross’s influence on the DC Universe, DC Comics and Alex Ross Art have created this limited variant. Signed Comics and CGC 9.8 include a Certificate of Authenticity:

  • Cover A: Unsigned, Signed & CGC 9.8 ($30/$75/$200)
  • A & B Set of 2: Unsigned, Signed & CGC 9.8 ($75/$150/$400)
  • Cover C: Unsigned, Signed & CGC 9.8 ($50/$100/$300)

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