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Fantastic Four: Full Circle

An all-new Marvel Comics graphic novel starring the Fantastic Four, written and illustrated by renowned artist Alex Ross.

Fantastic Four: Full Circle is the first long form work written and illustrated by acclaimed artist Alex Ross, who revisits a classic Stan Lee–Jack Kirby story from the 1960s and introduces the storyline for a new generation of readers. With bold, vivid colors and his trademark visual storytelling, Ross takes Marvel’s first team of super heroes to places only he can illustrate.

The regular edition will be available on August 2, 2022—now available for pre-order from book retailers everywhere!

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About the Author

Alex Ross studied at the American Academy of Art in Chicago, then honed his craft as a storyboard artist before entering the field of comics. In 1993 Marvels—his groundbreaking miniseries with writer Kurt Busiek—created a wider acceptance for painted comics. 

 In 1996 he and writer Mark Waid produced the equally successful Kingdom Come for DC Comics, and Ross followed those up with an extensive series of work including magazine and album covers, as well as a poster for the Academy Awards. 

Ross has also been the subject of two monographs written and designed by Chip Kidd—Mythology: The DC Comics Art of Alex Ross and Marvelocity: The Marvel Comics Art of Alex Ross. His latest book is The Alex Ross Marvel Comics Poster Book (Abrams ComicArts, spring 2021).