Thank You, NYCC 2017!

New for NYCC 2017: Brand New Gallery Walkthrough Booth

This year, Alex Ross Art unveiled our massive gallery walkthrough booth! Booth 2036 featured original paintings, canvas, lithographs, and much more.
For a complete gallery experience, the booth also included videos explaining the inspiration for recent releases like Marvel Shadows, Universal Monsters, and The Beatles' Yellow Submarine.
On Saturday we had a very special guest visit Booth 2036... none other than Mark Hamill! Mark stopped by and generously offered his time, taking selfies and videos with fans at the booth.
NYCC also saw the return of limited edition vintage buttons, exclusive for Comic Con attendees:
For fans who couldn't make the Con, we released a new video for NYCC, featuring insight into Alex's creative process and his advice for aspiring artists:

Fine Art Lithographs Announced!

During NYCC, we announced two new Fine Art Lithographs, to be released exclusively through our friends at Sideshow Collectibles.

Thor: Shattered

Thor: Shattered is the next Marvel Fine Art Lithograph available exclusively through Sideshow Collectibles! We had one of these rare lithographs on display at Booth 2036. Coming soon in a limited edition of 300, signed and numbered. Pre-orders start 10/20/17 -- sign up here to RSVP!

Liberty and Justice: Trinity

For the first time, Liberty and Justice: Trinity will be available as a Fine Art Lithograph! Featuring Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, this limited run is available exclusively through Sideshow Collectibles. Limited edition of 300 pieces, signed and numbered. Pre-order starts soon -- sign up here to RSVP!

NYCC 2017 Exclusive Premieres

This year Alex Ross Art premiered four new Fine Art pieces at NYCC!
During the Con, we also offered these exclusives at Now that Comic Con is over, these pieces are unavailable online.
Keep an eye out for our Alex Ross Art Holiday Sale, when we'll be bringing back some of the most popular pieces from this year's conventions.
Here's a look at the new artwork that premiered at NYCC 2017:
Wonder Woman: Goddess of Truth 
Marvel Legacy
Monty Python
Once again, a huge THANK YOU to everyone who made NYCC possible: our team at the booth, NYCC staff, fans, friends, and the NYPD.
See you at the next Comic Con!