More Powerful than a Locomotive: Action Comics #1 Tribute

This year marks an iconic moment in comic book history: Superman's 80th Birthday. In May 1938, Action Comics #1 introduced Superman to the world. Since then, hundreds of artists have interpreted Superman, highlighting different aspects of his character.
Each artist has their own take on Superman, grappling with similar questions: What is ideal humanity? How does an all-powerful being use his strength for good?

One of the most influential Superman artists is Alex Ross. Kingdom Come ' his classic work with Mark Waid ' has become comic book canon and a critical part of Superman mythology.
In Kingdom Come, Superman grapples with the notion that his idealism is outdated, no longer relevant in such a chaotic world. Despite these doubts, Superman finds the strength of will to reunite the Justice League and battle Magog, a violent vigilante superhero with strong public support.
Influenced by artists like Norman Rockwell and Andrew Loomis, Ross sets the standard for realism in comic art. He uses realism to highlight the humanity of Superman ' you can see the fabric of Superman's costume and the contours of his body.
Ross balances this realistic style with classic costumes, creating a timeless look amongst a sea of ever-changing comic characters.

More Powerful than a Locomotive: Tribute to Action Comics #1

To celebrate Superman's 80th Birthday, Alex Ross is releasing "More Powerful than a Locomotive," a tribute to Action Comics #1. This fine art lithograph is signed by Alex Ross and includes a Certificate of Authenticity.
The piece will have a limited advance release on Friday, April 6, with a full online release scheduled for April 18, the original release date of Action Comics #1.
  • On Friday, April 6, 10 pieces will be available online, with another 10 available at C2E2 on the convention floor
  • On Wednesday, April 18, the remaining 80 pieces will be released online
Fans interested in purchasing should join the waitlist ' people on the waitlist receive a release notification in advance of the general public. You can join the waitlist here!