Exclusive! Superman: Origins Coming Soon for SDCC 2018

This article originally appeared in SYFY WIRE on June 8, 2018. Fans interested in purchasing this lithograph are encouraged to join the waitlist for Origins: Superman here.
In an enterprising industry containing dozens of certified superstars, few shine brighter than masterful comic book artist and insanely talented illustrator Alex Ross.
If by some strange chance you're unfamiliar with his innumerable contributions to comic art and his dynamic, realistic depictions of caped superheroes, we direct your attention to a recent Ross birthday retrospective of his stellar cover accomplishments.
Presenting a powerhouse team-up between SYFY WIRE and Alex Ross Art, we'll be ripping the wrapper off many limited-edition Alex Ross lithos, rare variant covers, con-only surprises, behind-the-scenes videos, signed posters, intriguing interviews, and contest giveaways all year long.
With the annual pop culture pageantry known as San Diego Comic Con just around the corner, we're thrilled to be hosting a weekly event showcasing cool new Ross artwork produced specifically for this rowdy Southern California spectacle.
First out of the gate and soaring with an old-fashioned flair is Origins: Superman. It's the latest limited-edition lithograph officially offered by Alex Ross Art, perfectly timed for the Man of Steel's 80th birthday this year and set to premiere on July 18 at the upcoming SDCC marketplace.
This emotional illustration by Alex Ross is taken from the prestige format 1998 graphic novel, Superman: Peace on Earth. In it, Ross takes viewers on a stunning visual journey through the various origin stages of The Last Son of Krypton.
The absorbing piece begins with Kal-El's triumphant birth and subsequent destiny depicted with the imminent destruction of Krypton. Jor-El places his infant son into a small spacepod and launches him to safety as the planet's core causes total obliteration.
Landing on Earth, the rocketship capsule is discovered by Jonathan and Martha Kent, who raise the tiny child as their own son and decide to name him Clark. Growing into adulthood in the American Midwest, Clark Kent discovers his amazing gifts and special powers, leading to the emergence of Superman, The Man of Steel.
Each explosive fine art print is priced at $50.00, measures 14 1/2" x 15 1/2" , and is hand-numbered with a Certificate of Authenticity. The edition size is capped at 500 and is being offered matted on foam core.
"There are a lot of emotions I'm trying to connect with, for the reader, when it comes to my version of Superman. This is the superhero who started it all, the eternal Superman, the classic icon." -Alex Ross
A waitlist will be available at Alex Ross Art starting June 8 at the official site. After you swiftly secure your place in line, check out this exclusive video of Ross discussing Peace on Earth, the source material for his inspiring Origins: Superman litho.