Alex Ross Reveals His Inspiration for The Justice League Paintings

In the latest video from Alex Ross Art, Alex talks about his inspiration for painting the Justice League of America:

"The ultimate group of heroes is the Justice League of America... I always want to connect with them as a creator, to make work with them that would elevate them to the way that I felt about them as a kid."

The SDCC 2017 Justice League Poster

With the release of the new Justice League poster, the internet has been buzzing with questions about Alex Ross & The Justice League...

Was he involved in the Justice League poster?

Did he inspire the design?

Will we see new Justice League art from Alex Ross sometime soon?

The New Justice League Poster Revealed at SDCC 2017

Clay Enos, the photographer behind the new poster, credits Alex for inspiration:

'I used this exact image as my reference for what became the latest JL poster. I simply had the idea and took the initiative to pay homage to Alex Ross by making a few quick portraits in that distinctive light. I'm so glad the WB marketing team ran with them. I love it!'

Fans of Alex Ross saw the inspiration right away. As soon as the poster was released, people started sharing their interpretations and tributes to The Justice League.

From the fans ' A mashup of the SDCC 2017 poster and "The Original Seven" by Alex Ross

It's no surprise that Alex inspired the latest version of the Justice League. His iconic depiction of these superheroes has become a standard to which many artists aspire.

Kingdom Come ' A Return to Heroism

It all started with Kingdom Come, a vital work in the DC Comics canon.

Kingdom Come marked a return to heroism ' at a time when comics had turned dark and gritty, Kingdom Come brought us back to the eternal ideals that superheroes represent.

Kingdom Come 20th Anniversary Edition

During SDCC 2017, the Alex Ross team talked with Mark Waid about Kingdom Come and the return to heroism:

Childhood Inspiration for The Justice League

In the latest video from Alex Ross Art, Alex talks about his early inspiration for The Justice League:

They were the characters on television the longest and the most for my generation, growing up with the Super Friends. That was the thing that, silly or not, I identified as being the ultimate in Superheroes.

Superfriends ' The Classic Saturday Morning Cartoon from 1973-1986

Today, Alex's interpretation of The Justice League has evolved into complex, nuanced portrayals of each character and their unique stories.

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