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Item number:AR0221C
  • Material:Canvas
  • Signed by Alex Ross:Yes
  • COA:Yes
  • Edition Size:50
  • Size:17.5" x 34"

Barry Allen, forensic investigator, becomes Central City’s resident costumed crime fighter after lighting strikes a chemical case causing him to be drenched.  Upon recovery Barry discovers he possess super human speed, healing, enhanced reflexes and the ability to time travel. Suiting up in his red costume with yellow lighting bolt, Barry Allen transforms from inconsequential mortal to The Fastest Man Alive and becomes one of the most beloved Super Heroes, the Flash!


Shadows: Flash” is a continuation of a new series by Alex Ross depicting the heroes in a more somber tone. This image was created for the Alex Ross Art fine art print program and has not been previously published.


Each piece of “Shadows: Flash” is hand numbered, and signed by Alex Ross. It is produced as a Giclee on canvas in an edition of 50.

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