Here's What People Are Saying About… Alex Ross
"Since entering the field in 1989, Alex Ross has administered a superpowered transfusion to the medium—a gamma radiation blast of thrills, chills and amazingly photo-realistic artwork… Take one look at Ross’ Superman or Batman or Spiderman and one would swear these mythical pop-culture heroes really do walk our streets and soar in our skies."

Sam Weller, Chicago Tribune

"He portrays his character as human beings; they are affected by the events in their lives in real ways. You can see both the strengths and weaknesses of his heroes, making them more universal. A lot of David Dunn’s look as the new ‘superhero’ in Unbreakable was based on Alex’s work."

M. Night Shymalan, director of The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable

"All of the worst tendencies in comic books—the sloppiness, the violence, the cheapness—are opposed by the work of Alex Ross. His art brings back a sense of the tangibility of cartoon characters that readers may not have felt since childhood."

Richard von Busack, San Jose Metro

"With a penchant for apocalyptic storytelling and a gift for photo-real illustration, Ross has redefined how comic books can look in the nineties. Painted graphic novels are all the rage since Ross’ career-making work on the superhero epics Marvels and Kingdom Come, but imitators have paled in creative scope, artistic execution and reader popularity."

From New City’s "Chicago Lit Top 50"

"Though he’s been called the Norman Rockwell of the comics world…he’s more like Maxfield Parrish, with smooth, luxe layers of paint and a remarkable use of light."

Liz Spikol, Philadelphia Weekly

"If there is a legend in the making in comic book art it begins with Ross, whose photo-realistic style has floored even the crustiest of critics and set a new standard for the industry."

Bob Kurson, Chicago Sun-Times

"Alex Ross’ lithograph of Superman: Peace on Earth hangs in my family room. Through his work, we are there in the wheat fields of Kansas. We are there when a boy realizes his destiny. We are there when a man become a Superman."

Al Roker, NBC-TV’s Today Show

Here's What People Are Saying About Alex Ross' Books...

"Both graceful and gruesome, with classically beautiful illustrations, Marvels is like a Brothers Grimm fairy-tale with superheroes."

Frank Lovece, Entertainment Weekly

"Marvels is truly a marvel to behold."

Derek Tse, Toronto Sun

Kingdom Come
"With Kingdom Come, Ross has created a visual masterpiece that combines the edginess of artist Frank Miller with the grace and simplicity of a Norman Rockwell painting."

Ed Tahaney, New York Daily News

"Not only did his outstanding storytelling sense add depth and urgency to Kingdom Come’s script, but Ross also managed to include so many pop-culture cameos that even Dennis Miller would be humbled."

Andrew Smith, Memphis Commercial Appeal

Uncle Sam
"An immensely powerful piece of work: a demonstration of the artistic and political potential of the medium."

Charles Shaar Murray, The [U.K.] Independent

"Uncle Sam is probably the most thoughtfully radical piece of truly popular culture I’ve seen in the last decade or two. Frighteningly intense and … sad in the most eloquent way, patriotic in all the ways that mattered, to all the things that one might justifiably be patriotic to."

Dave Marsh, author of Born to Run, Elvis and The Heart of Rock & Soul

"Ross’ style—a species of homey neorealism embodied by the likes of Grant Wood and Norman Rockwell—is uncannily well-suited to the subject... Ross even plays with lighting in a manner that transcends the cliched chiaroscuro noir effects that mark so many ‘adult-themed’ comic books."

Jeff Salomon, Village Voice Literary Supplement

"If there’s a thrill here, it’s not that the United States can be junked, but that it can’t be. Everything you ever believed in may go up in smoke, and in Uncle Sam, that smoke is the air you breathe. It doesn’t occur to the authors that there is anywhere else to go. Nowhere else worth going."

Greil Marcus, The New York Times

"Steve Darnall and Alex Ross find Uncle Sam out on the street, help him to his feet and send him off to confront those who believe that they alone speak for the founding fathers. A timely idea, brilliantly executed."

Billy Bragg, musician (Mermaid Avenue; Don’t Try This At Home)

Superman: Peace on Earth
"With its glossy, oversized stock, Superman: Peace on Earth gives us the best opportunity yet to absorb Ross’ canvases. Ross fakes nothing—every face, every locale, every ‘camera angle,’ every light source rings true."

Mark Voger, Asbury Park Press

"The point of [Superman: Peace on Earth] isn’t to read a story, it’s to ooh and aah over Ross’ stunning, lush artwork. ...This is a beautiful piece of work, and nobody in comics comes closer than Ross to the virtues of classic American illustration."

Douglas Wolk, CMJ New Music Monthly

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